gp krk


GP Krk is a joint stock company founded in 1956, with the mission of building and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings as well as the island infrastructure, especially roads and ports. Over the years, more than 50 years of experience have been continuously improved with professional staff, modern machinery and equipment and constant training and education, which has positioned GP Krk among the most reliable partners in the building industry, entrusted with technically most demanding and architecturally most attractive buildings. The Memorial Bridge and Zamet Sports Centre in Rijeka as well as the elementary school building in Krk are included among the five most successful architectural projects in the last thirty years in Croatia, according to the Croatian Association of Architects and architectural theorists.

Continuing this tradition, GP Krk, as both contractor and investor, in collaboration with the Turato architectural office, is developing the Smokovik project that represents a modern approach to housing through green building and improved quality of living.