project description


GP Krk d.d. is building a series of residential buildings called Smokovik. Modern architectural design made by the Turato d.o.o. Architectural Bureau is characterised by functionality and flat surfaces. Furthermore, all housing units are oriented towards the sea and blend with the Mediterranean environment. Three buildings with one commercial space and two apartments, ten residential buildings with three apartments and one building with eighteen apartments are planned to be built on fourteen plots. Each apartment also has a corresponding part of the garden and parking spaces.


Construction description

The construction of all the buildings is designed in accordance with all applicable construction regulations. The bearing walls, ceiling boards and walls between the apartments are made of reinforced concrete smooth shells, concrete class C30/37 and C25/30, reinforced steel B500B and wire mesh B500. The foundation of the buildings is a solid wall on reinforced concrete strip foundation. The bearing capacity is 400 kN/m2 minimum. The thickness of the vertical load-bearing elements is 20.0 cm, and of ceiling boards 18.0 and 16.0 cm. The partition walls inside the apartments are made of double plasterboards with mineral wool filling, with a total length of 10.0 cm. The floors are made of floating cement screed, 2.0+2.0 cm of eco-coated polystyrene and 11.0 cm of reinforced screed. The roof surfaces are flat, waterproof, with built-in vapour barrier, 18.0 cm of expanded polystyrene as thermal insulation and a finishing layer of synthetic waterproofing membranes. Finally, a layer of gravel is put on the geotextile layer. The facade consists of a connected ETICS system with 12.0 cm of polystyrene and a final layer of silicate plaster.

Hidroinsulation & thermal insulation

A two-layer welded flexible bitumen strip with glass fibre fleece is used for horizontal and vertical waterproofing. Synthetic membranes are used for roof waterproofing. For thermal insulation on the facades 12.0 cm thick expanded polystyrene and 18.0 cm thick expanded polystyrene on the roofs are used, and on the ceiling boards, a combination of finishing and thermal insulation with eco-coated and expanded polystyrene (2.0+2.0 cm thick).

Heating & cooling

The system includes underfloor heating and cooling with ventiloconvectors. The heat source is an air-water heat pump with ecological refrigerant R-410-A. Underfloor heating is made of PE RT pipes with the initial value of 45C and return value of 35C. The cooling system also includes the heat pump and ventiloconvectors in the living room and the hallway in the bedroom area. Electricity is used as energy source. The housing units are completely independent between them.

Electrical installations

The buildings are connected to the underground low-voltage network with separate metering points. Besides the classical installation distribution for lighting and power, the installation of intercom, shutters and heating and cooling control is also provided for.

Windows, balcony doors & sliding doors

All openings have aluminium joinery with thermal bridges and electric shutters. The glass is insulated 4+16+4 mm, LOW-E, k-1, 0W/m2k. The entrance doors to the apartments are security doors. The balconies have tempered glass railings.

Floor and wall coverings

The floor in the living room and bedrooms is made of dark treated oak. All other floors and walls in the bathrooms are covered with high quality ceramic tiles. Untiled wall surfaces are treated with a quality finishing paint.

Sanitary equipment

The sanitary ware is white, Nexo series, by Roca. Sanitary fixtures are of the same manufacturer, Thesis and Targa series. Shower cabins are manufactured by Aqvaesol, Aurora series, with tempered glass walls.